Supplier Discounts Quick Start - Download from web

Allpriser has created a sample Supplier Discount Rate Sheet that you can use as a basis for your own Supplier Rate Sheets.

Follow the directions below to download and import the sample Discount Rate Sheet.

Importing the Sample Discount Rate Sheet

 Install Winpriser and Catalogue

1 Follow the instructions in your Installation email to install your copy of Winpriser and Catalogue database.

 Download Sample Rate Sheet to your Hard Drive

2 Using the table below, select your Service and Region and click on the appropriate Download link.
Green-Fire Protection 

3 Save the downloaded "xxx_yyy_Disc.exe" self-extracting ZIP file to your Desktop.
    (xxx=Service and yyy=Region - i.e. RED_ONT_Disc.exe)

4 Double click on the "xxx_yyy_Disc.exe" file to expand a "xyyy_Dis.dis" discounts file onto your Desktop..

 Start Winpriser and Open the Catalogue

5 Follow the steps on Winpriser User's Guide Pages 1-1 and 1-2 to start Winpriser and open your Catalogue.

6 Click on the F5-Rates button and select the Discounts tab.

 Import Sample Discount Rate Sheet

7 Place your mouse pointer in the white rectangle below the "Supplier Rate Sheet" heading and right click.

8 Click on "Import a Supplier Rate Sheet.." and locate the "xyyy_Dis.dis" file on your Desktop. Click Open.

9 Enter your Supplier's name and address and click OK.

10 Click OK when all the Discount classifications are imported.

11 Modify this sample Rate Sheet to match your Supplier's Discounts.

See Sections 5, 6 and 7 of the User's Guide for more information about working with Discount Rate Sheets.