Winpriser User's Guide Table of Contents

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Installing Winpriser

How to install the Winpriser software and catalogue on your computer.

About Winpriser

A general overview of the Winpriser Pricing program.

Tutorial Lessons

 Locating a Product Item in the Price Catalogue

The lessons in this section demonstrate how to open a price catalogue and show you how to locate a product item in the price catalogue.

Lesson 1  How to open a price catalogue.
Layout of the Catalogue Lookup window.
Locating product items by Product Group.
Locating product items by Product Type.
Locating product items by Page Number.
Using the Advanced Text Search dialog box.
Lesson 2  Locate a product item by searching for a piece of text or phrase found in a product description.
Lesson 3  Locate a product item by searching for a product part number.
Locate a product item by inventory#.
Lesson 4  Locate a product item using a shortcut list.

  Assigning Rates to Product Items

The lessons in this section show how to assign discounts, markups, markdowns, and labour to catalogue product items.

Lesson 5 How to open the Rates window.
Layout of the Rates window.
Lesson 6 How to create a Supplier’s Discount rate sheet.
Lesson 7 Assigning product items to rate classes on a rate sheet.
Lesson 8 Adding labour rates to a catalogue.

  Assigning Quoted Net Pricing

This lesson explains how to enter wholesaler net pricing.

Lesson 9 How to assign quoted net pricing to a catalogue item.

  Assigning Labour Units

The lessons in this section will show how to add labour units (time to install) to one item or a selection of items.

Lesson 10 How to add labour units to a single item.
Lesson 11 How to "Edit Labour by Size".

  The Material Takeoff Worksheet

The lessons in this section demonstrate how to add new product items to a material takeoff worksheet, how to edit the contents of a worksheet, and how to print various types of reports.

Lesson 12 How to open a material takeoff worksheet.
How to use the material takeoff worksheet window.
How to add a catalogue item to the worksheet.
How to edit a worksheet item.
Lesson 13 How to Add Labour to a worksheet.
Lesson 14 How to print a job estimate.
How to print an invoice.
How to print a purchase order.

  Transferring Worksheets to QuickBooks® and Simply Accounting ®

The lessons in this section show you how to transfer worksheets that you have created in Winpriser to either the QuickBooks or Simply Accounting accounting programs.

Lesson 15 How to export to QuickBooks.
Lesson 16 How to export an invoice to Simply Accounting.

  Applying Price Updates

The lessons in this section explain how to apply Allpriser Computer Pricing Service updates to your Winpriser Catalogue.

Lesson 17 How to apply diskette updates.
Using Winpriser Internet Updates.
How to use Winpriser to create an initial load update for other software programs.

 Winpriser Tips

Some tips and suggestions that will help you get the most out of Winpriser.