Allpriser Services
The Allpriser Red Plumbing & Hydronic Heating publication is provided in three distinct formats -

      Printed Price Guide

      epriser Electronic Price Guide

      Winpriser Pricing Software & Updates

The chart below compares the features of the three formats to help you to choose the Service that best meets your needs -

  Printed Price Guide epriser Web epriser Desktop Winpriser Standard Desktop Winpriser Professional Desktop
Printed       Loose-leaf Book Any Platform/Browser
Windows XP to Current
Windows XP to Current
Windows XP to Current
  Concurrent Users
1/subscription 1/subscription 1/subscription 5/subscription Unlimited
Canada Post Auto Auto Download Download
  Prices Shown as Book Page
  Store Supplier Discounts
  Price Jobs in Worksheet
  Subscription Price
$410/yr $410/yr $410/yr $930/yr $1200/yr