List & Discount Pricing System
Allpriser's Green Fire Protection publication provides industry standard material pricing to contractors, wholesalers, engineers, architects and government agencies across Canada. Estimate, Invoice and Change Order pricing is commonly based on our Allpriser lists. Green Fire Protection pricing is for Ontario but can be used in across Canada.
Our customers know, first hand, the many benefits of subscribing to Allpriser’s Pricing Services –

 Accurate Pricing – Allpriser subscribers are assured that the pricing they are using is always up-to-date and accurate. You can’t stay in business if your prices aren’t correct.
 Price when you want – With Allpriser’s suggested list prices and discounts provided by your wholesalers, you always know what you will pay for any item. You no longer have to wait for supplier’s quotes, allowing you to get on with your work.
 Supplier Independence – By simply comparing wholesaler discounts, you can quickly determine who is offering the best price. You are not tied to any one wholesaler.

What Products are in the Green Publication?

The Green Fire Protection publication includes the products that you commonly use. We work with wholesalers, manufacturers and subscribers to identify and price the products that are used.
Click here to see a list of manufacturers and commodity products included in the Green Fire Protection publication.

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