Printed Price Guide
The Allpriser Yellow Electrical Price Guide is a printed loose leaf catalogue providing manufacturer's list prices for the residential and commercial electrical products carried by your local supplier.

For ease of use, the printed Electrical Price Guide is divided into 24 sections -

A. Wire & Cable M. Lighting
B. Wiring Devices N. Lamps & Bulbs
C. Wire Accessories O. Transformers
D. Surface Duct P. Timers & Photocells
E. Conduit & Fittings Q. Motor Controls
F. Conduit Accessories R. Signaling
G. Boxes & Enclosures S. Electric Heaters
H. Fuses & Circuit Breakers T. Fans & Hoods
I. Hangers U. Water Heaters
J. Masts & Pole Line V. Emergency Lighting
K. Meters & Sockets W. Wire Markers
L. Ballasts X. Tools

Updated pages are mailed to you every 3 - 4 weeks. You simply remove the old pages and replace them with the new to keep your Price Guide up-to-date.

Cost of a Yellow - Electrical Price Guide?

Subscription price for the printed Electrical Price Guide  $410/yr
 Price includes initial, up-to-date Price Guide and updates for 1 year.

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Actual Page Size is 5½" x 8½"