Printed Price Guide
The Allpriser Blue Watermain & Sewer Price Guide is a printed loose leaf catalogue providing suggested resale prices for the site services products carried by your local plumbing wholesaler.

For ease of use, the printed Watermain & Sewer Price Guide is divided into 6 sections -

  W1.  Service Materials  
  W2.  Plastics  
  W3.  Ductile & Cast Iron  
  W4.  Valves & Hydrants  
  W5.  Municipal Castings  
  W6.  Miscellaneous  

Updated pages are mailed to you every 3 - 4 weeks. You simply remove the old pages and replace them with the new to keep your Price Guide up-to-date.

Cost of a Blue - Watermain & Sewer Price Guide?

Subscription price for the printed Watermain & Sewer Price Guide  $120/yr
 Price includes initial, up-to-date Price Guide and updates for 1 year.

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   Sample Page

Actual Page Size is 5½" x 8½"